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Elevating Smart Living: The Crucial Role of Antenna Testing in Smart Homes

With the continuous growth of the smart home market, we have entered an era where technology is becoming increasingly pervasive. From smart speakers to smart refrigerators, smart home devices are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. However, to ensure the seamless operation of these devices, the key lies in antenna performance and communication quality. In this blog, we will introduce the importance of multi-probe spherical near-field products as a solution for smart home antenna testing and discuss their advantages in the international market.

The Rise of Smart Homes

Smart homes have become a major trend in the global technology market. People are increasingly relying on smart devices to enhance the convenience and efficiency of their home life. From smart light fixtures to smart home security systems, these devices require stable communication and high-performance antennas to ensure their proper operation. Therefore, antenna testing has become particularly crucial in this field.

Challenges and Issues in Smart Home Device Testing

The rapid development of smart home devices has brought great convenience to our lives, but ensuring wireless communication performance has become increasingly vital. However, when it comes to testing smart home devices, we face a series of challenges and issues. These issues encompass standard regulations, testing scenarios, device diversity, and differences in size.

1.Lack of Mature Standards and Regulations

Currently, there are no mature standards and regulations for wireless communication testing of smart home devices, both internationally and domestically. This means that manufacturers and testing laboratories may face uncertainty when conducting tests, making it difficult to ensure that device performance and quality meet international standards. The absence of unified standards makes testing more complex, requiring more expertise and equipment.

2.Diverse Testing Scenarios and Projects

Smart home device testing involves a variety of testing scenarios and projects, from simulating device self-interference and external interference testing to roaming testing, throughput testing, directional testing, and TRP/TIS testing for various communication technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G, 4G). These testing projects require different testing equipment and tools, as well as the involvement of professional technicians to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the tests. Therefore, the diversity and complexity of testing become a challenge.

3.Diversity in the Objects of Testing

Smart home devices encompass a wide range of product types and sizes, from small Bluetooth earphones to large smart refrigerators measuring around 2 meters. These devices vary significantly in their appearance and size, requiring testing solutions and equipment that are adaptable to their different characteristics. This diversity makes testing more challenging, necessitating flexible testing tools and methods to accommodate the characteristics of different devices.

Sunyield’s smart home testing products

As a leading provider of antenna testing systems, we are proud to provide various testing solutions to meet the needs of smart home device manufacturers with different sizes of devices and diverse application scenarios. Our products have high performance, reliability, and flexibility, suitable for various application scenarios. Through our solutions, you can ensure that your smart home devices have excellent communication performance globally, meet customer needs, and enhance your competitive advantage. Below is an introduction to Sunyield’s smart home testing products:

1.SY-68 MIMO Multi probe spherical near-field  testing system

The SY-68 multi probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system covering an expansive frequency range from 400MHz to 8.5GHz, 600MHz to 12GHz, and extending up to 18GHz, offers unparalleled flexibility for assessing antennas across various frequency bands. With support for secondary development through standard interfaces, it ensures adaptability to evolving testing standards in the dynamic smart home industry.

One of its standout features is its ability to accommodate a generous measurement range with a diameter of up to 2.5m. This makes the SY-68 system particularly well-suited for testing large smart home devices, including but not limited to refrigerators, washing machines, and large-screen televisions. The high sampling density, coupled with the capability for both active and passive measurements, empowers researchers, manufacturers, and testing laboratories to conduct thorough evaluations of antenna performance in these substantial smart home appliances.

Whether optimizing connectivity in refrigerators or ensuring seamless communication in smart TVs, the SY-68 system provides the necessary tools for precise and reliable antenna measurements. Its adaptability and advanced features position it as an indispensable asset for testing and research in the development of cutting-edge smart home technologies.

2.SY-48 MIMO Multi probe spherical near-field  testing system

The SY-48 MIMO multi probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system is a cutting-edge solution catering to the complex needs of smart home device testing. With a broad frequency range spanning from 600MHz to 12GHz, this system supports extensive measurements crucial for assessing the performance of antennas embedded in smart home devices.

This versatile system is well-suited for testing and research in smart home technology, making it an ideal choice for terminal manufacturers, third-party laboratories, and research and development teams focused on base stations. Its support for secondary development through standard interfaces enhances its usability, providing flexibility for evolving testing requirements in the dynamic field of smart home technology.

3.SY-24/24L MIMO Multi probe spherical near-field  testing system

The SY-24 MIMO multi probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system is a versatile solution that supports three different frequency versions: 400MHz-8.5GHz, 600MHz-12GHz, and 400MHz-18GHz. Mainly designed for measuring antennas in small and medium-sized smart home devices (DUTs) with a diameter less than 1.2m, such as routers, terminals, etc.


Whether your smart home devices are designed for Wi-Fi, cellular communication, or other communication standards, our solutions can meet your needs. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information and customized solutions to make your smart home products stand out in the market.

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