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Mastering Precision in Antenna Evaluation with Near-Field Testing

In the realm of antenna evaluation, precision is paramount. Near-Field Testing emerges as a pivotal methodology, offering nuanced insights into antenna performance, especially in complex scenarios. Let’s explore the essence of Near-Field Testing, its significance, and the groundbreaking capabilities showcased by SUNYIELD‘s SCR-5000 series, redefining the standards of antenna measurement.

What is Near-Field Testing?

Evaluating antennas in close proximity is the primary emphasis of the Near-Field Testing approach, which is a specific kind of testing. Near-Field Testing is a type of testing that investigates the near area of antennas, in contrast to Far-Field Testing, which observes antennas from a distance. The utilization of this method enables the performance of in-depth evaluations of radiation patterns, gain, and various other key factors that are essential for optimizing antenna operation.

The Innovations in SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 Series

Introducing the revolutionary SCR-5000 series from SUNYIELD—a game-changing advancement in Near-Field Testing:

Linear Array Multi-Probe Design: The SCR-5000 series integrates linear array multi-probe technology, enhancing test accuracy while significantly reducing space and costs. This innovative design ensures precise evaluations, especially for base station antennas with narrow vertical beams.

Multi-Probe Calibration Technology: Adopting multi-probe calibration technology and electronic solid-state switches enables comprehensive 3D antenna pattern measurements. The system extends S-parameter information, offering insights into standing wave and isolation per user specifications.

Efficiency Redefined: The multi-probe design facilitates horizontal mounting of the Device Under Test (DUT), ensuring swift and efficient testing akin to spherical multi-probe systems. This setup optimizes test speed without compromising accuracy.

Cost-Efficiency and Over-Sampling Technology: The SCR-5000 series embodies cost-effectiveness, featuring space-saving attributes characteristic of cylindrical near-field systems. Additionally, its over-sampling technology ensures Z-axis over-sampling for larger antennas, maximizing measurement precision.

The Transformational Impact of Near-Field Testing

Near-Field Testing, exemplified by SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 series, revolutionizes antenna evaluation:

Precision and Cost-Effectiveness:  Similar to more expensive testing chambers, the SCR-5000 series is capable of providing reliable measurements of three-dimensional patterns. Both R&D prototype diagnostic testing and production batch sampling requirements can be met by its design, which is both cost-effective and efficient.

Optimized Efficiency: These near-field systems provide findings that are both quick and precise, and they provide a flexible solution that may accommodate a wide range of antenna evaluation requirements.


In conclusion, SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 series sets a new benchmark in Near-Field Testing, redefining precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This innovative system empowers industries with unparalleled accuracy, proving instrumental in optimizing antenna performance across a wide spectrum of applications.

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