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SUNYIELD offers high-performance antenna test solutions based on OTA measurement, radar target simulator, RF chamber, and a series of professional equipment. Our solutions support the measurement needs of passive and active measurement requirements of various military and civilian antennas.
What can we do

SUNYIELD offers a wide selection of antenna test solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact-range measurement techniques. Our measurement system is enough to fit into any laboratory or production environment. The specific measurement areas include Base Station Antenna, OTA, Millimeter Wave, Phased array, Radar Target, and Vehicle.

Base station antenna Measurement

OTA Measurement

Millimeter wave antenna Measurement

Phased array Measurement

Radar Target Simulation

Vehicle measurement


High Precision Measurement

Our antenna measurement system delivers accurate results with precise positioning and data acquisition techniques.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

Our system offers sophisticated analysis tools for in-depth evaluation of antenna performance and characterization.

Flexible Test Configurations

With our system, you can easily configure various test setups to accommodate different antenna types and testing scenarios.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface enables easy control, monitoring, and customization of the measurement process for enhanced user experience.
Solution Cases


In 2019, three sets of SPR-1660 integrated planar scanning frames were built for ZTE, and all of them passed acceptance in 2020, indicating good system

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