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(SY-CATR-1200)Chengdu Tianrui Xingtong Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Tianrui Xingtong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2013 and is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in microwave and millimeter wave active phased array antennas. Provide a full range of multifunctional integrated chips, modules, active arrays, complete machines and other serialized products, testing services for millimeter wave phased array antennas, as well as frequency detection and monitoring equipment.

Our company signed a contract with them in January 2020 to deliver a SY-CATR-1200 compact field testing system, equipped with a 1.2m set × 1.2m reflective surface, quiet zone darkroom size 0.65m (diameter) × The 0.65m (length) compact field testing system has a static zone utilization rate of>54%, and the system acceptance has been completed. In actual testing, 8GHz, 20GHz, 22GHz, 35GHz, 40GHz were tested at 0.65m × Within the static area of 0.65m, the amplitude taper is ≤ 1dB, the amplitude fluctuation is ≤ ± 0.5dB, and the overall phase fluctuation is ≤ ± 5 °, meeting the customer’s needs. Currently, the system has been accepted and is in normal use by the customer.

size4m*3m*3m(Reflector size)
Frequency band6GHz-40GHz
Main functions2D/3D directional pattern, gain, efficiency, phase, cross polarization ratio;
Calibration of planar array antennas
CNAS certification certificate for Chengdu Tianrui Xingtong’s 6-40G compact range

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