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Streamlining Antenna Testing with SUNYIELD’s Advanced Measurement Systems

Antenna testing plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and reliability of wireless communication systems. With the rapid advancement of technology, the demand for accurate and efficient antenna testing equipment has never been higher. That’s where SUNYIELD, a leading provider of advanced measurement systems, comes in. Our company is dedicated to streamlining antenna testing processes with our state-of-the-art solutions. In this article, we will explore how our products, specifically the SY-CATR Series, SY-68 SISO&MIMO, and SCR-5000, revolutionize antenna testing in the millimeter wave detection field.

The SY-CATR Series: Compact Range Measurement Systems for Millimeter Wave Detection

When it comes to millimeter wave radar testing and design, our SY-CATR Series stands out as a game-changer. With a wide frequency band and compact size, our products are perfectly suited for various applications, including automotive radars, military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas. One of the key features of our systems is the integral curling surface and bias feed design, enabling both active and passive testing with exceptional precision. Additionally, our customizable multi-dimensional bearing turntable allows for versatile testing arrangements tailored to the unique requirements of our customers.

SY-68 SISO&MIMO: Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement System

Our SY-68 SISO&MIMO system takes antenna testing to new heights with its wide frequency range and secondary development of standard interfaces. Compared to standard systems, our solution offers a larger measurement range and higher sampling density, ensuring comprehensive and accurate measurements. Whether it’s active or passive measurements, including small base station antennas, our product delivers exceptional performance. Time is of the essence in the fast-paced technological landscape, and that’s why our SY-68 system enables faster measurements, accompanied by real-time display capabilities for efficient testing.

SCR-5000: Linear Array Multi-Probe Cylindrical Measurement System

Introducing the SCR-5000, the industry’s first linear array multi-probe cylindrical measurement system. SUNYIELD’s innovative integration of spherical multi-probe technology into the cylinder surface sets this product apart. By ensuring test accuracy while significantly saving space and cost, our SCR-5000 is a go-to solution for measuring base station antennas with narrow vertical beams. The system incorporates multi-probe calibration technology and an electronic solid-state switch to expedite data collection and provide comprehensive 3D pattern measurements. Additionally, our SCR-5000 offers expanded S-parameter information for in-depth analysis, empowering our customers with valuable insights for their antenna testing needs.


In the world of antenna testing equipment, SUNYIELD stands as a trusted partner, providing advanced measurement systems that streamline the testing process. Our SY-CATR Series, SY-68 SISO&MIMO, and SCR-5000 offer cutting-edge solutions for millimeter wave detection, spherical near-field measurements, and linear array multi-probe cylindrical measurements, respectively. With our commitment to innovation and precision, we empower our customers to achieve accurate and efficient antenna testing, ensuring the seamless performance of their wireless communication systems. Choose SUNYIELD for your antenna testing needs and experience the difference. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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