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  • SCR-5000

    Sunyield SCR-5000 cylindrical measurement system, the first linear array multi-probe cylindrical measurement system in the industry, innovatively integrates spherical multi-probe technology into the cylinder surface to ensure test accuracy while significantly saving space and cost. The system adopts multi-probe calibration technology and electronic solid-state switch to quickly collect data to measure the 3D pattern of the antenna, and at the same time expand S-parameter information such as standing wave and isolation according to user requirements. According to the characteristics of cylindrical system, this system is particularly suitable for the measurement of base station antennas with narrow vertical beam.
    In general, the measurement of 3D pattern can be achieved with the cost of a chamber for PIM or standing wave, and the system is especially suitable for prototype diagnostic testing in R&D and batch sampling in production.

  • SPR-3000

    The design of the SPR-3000 Fast Measurement System for Base Station Antenna fills the blank of antenna radiation performance testing on mass production line. It greatly improves efficiency of current antenna radiation performance testing and adds circuit parameter measurement items to form a comprehensive set of fast antenna testing solution.


    The SPR-Scanner is a planar near field scanning system developed by Sunvey Technologies. It has ultra-high precision electrical motion control
    system and mechanical drive system. Once adapted with probes of different frequency, ultra-wideband measurement can be achieved, and can even be extended up to millimeter wave.

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