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Unlocking the Potentials of Near-Field Measurement with Our SY-68 SISO&MIMO Antenna Measurement System

Precise and effective measurement is essential in the realm of high-tech antenna testing. With our innovative Y-68 SISO&MIMO Antenna Measurement System, we, SUNYIELD, a top supplier of cutting-edge measurement solutions, have transformed the market. With our use of near-field measurement, this device provides antenna testing with previously unheard-of accuracy and efficiency.

The Power of Near-Field Measurement

The fundamental function of our Y-68 system is near-field measuring. By capturing the dispersion of electromagnetic fields surrounding the antenna, it provides accurate performance data. This degree of specificity is essential for comprehending antenna behavior and improving antenna design. It’s revolutionary for testing antennas, and we’re glad to provide it with our Y-68 system.

The Y-68’s capacity to conduct both SISO and MIMO measurements adds even more precision and efficiency to its performance. Because of its adaptability, we may evaluate antennas in a range of configurations to fulfill the unique requirements of our clients. For both engineers and researchers, near-field measurement is an essential tool since it has made antenna testing possible in previously unimaginable ways.

Flexibility and Expandability

The Y-68 is appropriate for both inexperienced and seasoned users due to its strong hardware and user-friendly interface. Its versatility is further enhanced by its expandability, which enables smooth interaction with other measurement equipment. We take great satisfaction in developing systems that perform better than anticipated and offer unmatched antenna measurement capabilities.

There’s more to our Y-68’s talents. It can measure frequencies between 400MHz and 8.5GHz, 600MHz and 12GHz, and 400MHz and 18GHz. This guarantees that it can work with a range of antenna kinds and uses, which makes it a very adaptable antenna testing tool. For research purposes, the Y-68 is ideal for testing larger antennas or smaller base station antennas.


In conclusion, the Y-68 SISO&MIMO Antenna Measurement System represents a significant advancement in antenna testing technology rather than only being a tool. This innovative breakthrough has been made possible by our dedication to innovation and excellence. You may be sure that we’ll always have you covered while we push the limits of measurement technology.

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