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SUNYIELD’s Mini-Chamber: Elevating Antenna Measurement with RF-Shielded Precision

In the realm of wireless technology, the precision of antenna measurements is pivotal. At SUNYIELD, we introduces the Mini-Chamber Antenna Measurement System, featuring an RF-shielded room. This cutting-edge system addresses the need for efficient and cost-effective testing of small antennas, operating within the frequency range of 650 MHz – 8.5 GHz.

Unveiling the RF-Shielded Precision: The SUNYIELD Mini-Chamber

At the core of SUNYIELD’s advancements is the Mini-Chamber Antenna Measurement System, showcasing the integration of an RF-shielded room. This portable system is meticulously designed to cater specifically to small antenna products, providing unparalleled precision within its operational frequency range.

Features and Capabilities of the Mini-Chamber

Frequency Range: Covering frequencies from 650MHz-8.5GHz, the Mini-Chamber ensures a comprehensive testing platform for small antennas.

Portability: With a compact diameter of 36 cm, the Mini-Chamber is highly mobile, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising precision.

RF-Shielded Room: The inclusion of an RF-shielded room elevates the system’s accuracy by minimizing external interference, guaranteeing reliable and precise antenna measurements.

Applications Across Industries: A Versatile Solution

The SUNYIELD Mini-Chamber proves its versatility across diverse industries. Mobile phone manufacturers leverage its capabilities to test and validate small antennas integrated into their devices. Research and development teams find it indispensable for prototyping and refining antenna designs. Production lines benefit from its consistent performance, ensuring the quality of small antennas throughout the manufacturing process.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

The compact size of the Mini-Chamber not only enhances portability but also contributes to cost-effectiveness. Companies can optimize resources by easily relocating the chamber as needed, reducing overall expenses associated with testing small antennas.


In conclusion, our Mini-Chamber Antenna Measurement System with an RF-shielded room stands as a beacon of the company’s commitment to innovation. This portable system combines precision, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, making it an invaluable asset for industries navigating the complexities of wireless technology. As we continue to lead advancements in antenna measurement, the Mini-Chamber remains at the forefront, ensuring the consistency and validation of small antennas in an ever-connected world. Embracing RF-shielded precision, SUNYIELD paves the way for a new era in antenna testing technology.

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