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Revolutionize OTA Testing with SUNYIELD’s Micro Chamber Solution

In the fast-paced world of wireless technology, efficient and reliable OTA (Over-The-Air) testing is crucial for ensuring optimal performance of intelligent terminal products. At SUNYIELD, our company is proud to present our cutting-edge Micro Chamber solution, revolutionizing the way OTA testing is conducted. With comprehensive testing capabilities, a compact size, and versatile applications, our Micro Chamber is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking fast and accurate testing results.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Our Micro Chamber solution is designed to support a wide range of communication standards, making it suitable for most intelligent terminal products in the mass production stage. Whether it’s 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, eMTC, LoRa, Zigbee, and more, our Micro Chamber has you covered. This comprehensive compatibility ensures that our customers can test their products with ease, regardless of the communication standard they utilize.

One of the standout features of our Micro Chamber is its fast and efficient testing speed. Time is of the essence in the production line, and our solution is optimized to deliver rapid testing results without compromising accuracy. This means businesses can achieve higher productivity and throughput, saving valuable time and resources.

Product Overview of Micro Chamber

Our Micro Chamber comes in two specifications: LF (Low Frequency) and HF (High Frequency). The LF model covers a frequency band of 0.8GHz to 8GHz, while the HF model covers a frequency band of 1.6GHz to 8GHz. This broad frequency band coverage ensures that our customers can test their products across a wide range of frequencies, enabling comprehensive evaluation and validation.

Furthermore, the compact size of our Micro Chamber is a significant advantage. Its small footprint allows for easy integration into existing testing setups, saving valuable space in the production line. Despite its compactness, our Micro Chamber offers strong adaptability, accommodating various product sizes and shapes, making it suitable for a diverse range of intelligent terminal products.

Scope of Application and Deployment

The applications of our Micro Chamber are extensive, particularly in the testing of millimeter wave antenna, radar, and millimeter wave detectors. When equipped with Sunyield’s one-dimensional turntable, users can select specific sections for testing, providing flexibility and precision in the evaluation process. Additionally, our Micro Chamber supports both active and passive testing within the designed quiet zone, ensuring comprehensive assessment of product performance.

The dimensions and specifications of our Micro Chamber are designed to meet the demands of modern testing requirements. The overall dimensions of the system are HF: 0.8m (W) x 0.8m (D) x 1.3m (H) and LF: 1.2m (W) x 1.1m (D) x 1.6m (H). With a shielding efficiency of ≤-70dB, our Micro Chamber provides a controlled testing environment, minimizing external interference and maximizing the accuracy of measurements. The maximum size of the Device Under Test (DUT) that can be accommodated is approximately 250mm, enabling testing of a wide range of products.


In conclusion, SUNYIELD’s Micro Chamber solution is revolutionizing OTA testing for intelligent terminal products. Our company is committed to providing high-quality products and services that empower our customers to achieve accurate and efficient testing results. With our Micro Chamber, businesses can streamline their production line testing, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Trust in SUNYIELD, our company, and our dedication to excellence in OTA testing. Revolutionize your testing processes with our Micro Chamber solution and experience the difference it can make for your products and customers.

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