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Guilin Tour of Sunyield in 2023

Work is not just about being busy all day long, but also about traveling on the go. From April 14 to April 16, 2023, during the Guilin tourism organized by sunyield, employees and their families walked through the beautiful rivers and mountains of the world.

Image: Elephant Trunk Mountain

Listen to Guilin culture at the foot of Elephant Trunk Mountain. Elephant Trunk Mountain is a landmark scenic area in Guilin, known for its magic. Located at the confluence of the Li River and the Taohua River in the center of Guilin, it looks like a giant elephant. Between its trunk and legs is a circular hole with an area of about 150 square meters. The river passes through the hole like a floating moon. The Xiangshan Water Moon, located on the west bank, faces the Piercing Moon Rock on the east bank of the Lijiang River, with one hanging in the sky and the other floating in the water, forming a unique landscape of the “Lijiang Double Moon”.

Image: Yangshuo Ruyi Peak

Through the Ruyi Peak in Yangshuo, you can overlook the karst natural landform peak forest. The scenic spot is formed by the natural “three peaks and two valleys” (Yuanbao Peak, Ruyi Peak and Xiang Lian Peak). After taking the cableway up the mountain, you can enjoy the magic of nature and experience the thrill of the cable bridge and glass walkway together

Image: Group photo of Julongtan

Gather in Longtan to observe the wonders of the world’s karst caves. Take a small boat to enter the cave, where you can see cave landscapes, peak forests and clusters, mountain springs, and rural scenery; The stalactites inside the cave are in various forms and colors; The legendary stories of the Song Dynasty hero Yang Wenguang and the anti French hero Chen Jia, which have been passed down among the people, have added many humanistic colors

Image: Maling Ancient Village

Visit Yangshuo’s Maling Ancient Village to experience the common life of the Dong ethnic group. The ancient village is like a huge natural bonsai, surrounded by mountains and thousands of acres of peach trees scattered among them. The ancient village stands on top of the mountains and is heard by chickens and dogs; The idyllic scenery, cliff climbing, lake and mountain scenery are breathtaking, earning it the nickname of “a model of poetic home”. The Dong ethnic group, one of the four major ethnic minorities in Guangxi, has been living here for generations. The Dong ethnic group is a nation that has inherited silver craftsmen from every family, and their clothing mainly consists of silver jewelry.

Image: Lijiang River Cruise

Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the back of the Xingping River on the background pattern of the Lijiang River cruise ship, which costs twenty yuan. The world-famous Lijiang River meanders through the southwest of the town, with a section of the river stretching over 20 kilometers. The peaks on both sides are continuous, like swords and spears arranged in rows. It is peculiar and strange, with a myriad of postures, green water flowing back and forth, green mountains arranged in a circle, reflection buildings, green bamboo forests, weeping willows, and boating in the center of the river with starry sails, creating a delightful contrast. Xingping, the essence of Guilin’s mountains and waters, has the famous Nine Horse Painting Mountain, Yellow cloth reflection, Monks and nuns bickering, Chaoban Mountain, Rongtan Range Rover, and Green Snails surrounded by fog. There are two mysterious and simple villages visited by the president – fishing villages. Here is the beautiful scenery on the back of Xingping River printed on the background pattern of RMB 20 in 1999.

Image: Sun Moon Twin Towers

A meaningful tourism activity is not only a good opportunity to relax, but also an effective way to promote the harmonious development of the team. Everyone release their pressure and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. O May all family members of sunyield not forget their original intention and move forward together!n the ship of life and career, there is no battle for anyone. Only by being like a family, gathering strength, and constantly breaking through oneself can we achieve outstanding results. In our years and months of life, it is such a fortunate thing to meet such a lovely group of people and strive together for the cause we love.


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  • SCR-5000

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