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Shanghai Unicom-Building the OTA testing system with the highest floor

In June 2022, Shanghai Unicom signed an OTA testing system procurement contract with Sunyield. The installation and commissioning work was completed in August of the same year and delivered to customers for use. The system is built on the 30th floor of a building in Shanghai and is the highest OTA testing system ever built.

A mobile OTA testing system built in the high-rise

SY-16M is a small movable antenna measurement system with a built-in shielded darkroom, which occupies a small area and can be flexibly moved, reducing the cost of darkroom relocation. Suitable for small antenna measurement, widely used in mobile antenna manufacturers, research and development of small antennas, production line consistency verification, etc. This system is flexible and detachable, making it the preferred choice for building high-rise OTA darkrooms.

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