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Transforming Antenna Testing: SUNYIELD SY-68 Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Measurement System

At SUNYIELD, we take pride in revolutionizing the world of antenna measurements with our cutting-edge SY-68 Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement System. As a leader in the Smart Home Test Series and Spherical NearField categories, we bring you a game-changing solution that caters to diverse frequency ranges and measurement requirements.

Unleashing Customization with Standard Interfaces

SUNYIELD proudly presents the SY-68 near-field antenna measurement system, a powerhouse that goes beyond conventional boundaries. Our system supports secondary development through standard interfaces, allowing customization to specific needs. In comparison to the standard SY-24 system, the SY-68 takes versatility to new heights, offering a larger static area measurement range, higher sample density, and the flexibility of choosing from three OTA chamber dimensions.

Faster Measurements with Symmetrical Probe Distribution

Experience the efficiency of faster measurements with the SY-68 system. Its symmetrical distribution of probes enables 3D measurements of objects with a simple 180-degree horizontal rotation under normal circumstances. This innovative approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of the antenna’s characteristics, providing detailed insights with unparalleled speed.

Real-Time Display for Immediate Insights

The SY-68 system introduces a real-time display feature, allowing users to view active and passive directivity diagrams, along with active power and sensitivity. This real-time insight into measurement data enhances the testing process, empowering users to make informed decisions promptly.

Empowering Functionality for Diverse Applications

With support for passive measurement in the 400MHz-8.5GHz frequency band, the SY-68 system is a versatile solution. Through upgrades, it achieves high-frequency passive testing, making it suitable for both active and passive measurements of large antennas. This capability is particularly valuable for the precise measurement of BTS antennas, showcasing the system’s adaptability to diverse testing scenarios.

Tailored Solutions with Choice of OTA Chamber Dimensions

Recognizing the varied needs of our users, the SY-68 system offers a choice of three OTA chamber dimensions. This flexibility ensures that the system adapts seamlessly to different testing environments, providing users with tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.


In conclusion, the SUNYIELD SY-68 Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement System stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of antenna testing. Its ability to support customization, faster measurements, real-time display, and powerful functionality make it a game-changer for testing and research institutions. Choose SY-68 for a testing experience that transcends boundaries and delivers unparalleled insights into antenna performance.

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