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Exploring the Essence of Active Measurement with SUNYIELD’s SY-24 Antenna Measurement System

Active Measurement stands as a cornerstone in the evaluation of antennas, offering insights into their real-time performance during signal transmission. Within this crucial domain of wireless technology, Antenna Measurement Systems (AMS), especially our SUNYIELD’s, play a pivotal role. These systems act as the backbone, providing comprehensive tools and controlled environments for precise evaluation, optimization, and validation of antenna performance.

Understanding Antenna Measurement Systems

An Antenna Measurement System is a sophisticated setup designed to assess the properties and functionalities of antennas. It comprises various components, including RF sources, positioners, probes, chambers, and measurement instruments such as network analyzers. By subjecting antennas to controlled testing environments, these systems enable precise measurements of radiation patterns, gain, efficiency, and other crucial parameters.

Introducing SUNYIELD’s SY-24 Antenna Measurement System

SUNYIELD’s SY-24 Antenna Measurement System emerges as a pinnacle of excellence in the market, offering unparalleled capabilities:

Frequency Versatility: Supporting frequencies from 400MHz to 8.5GHz and an extended version ranging from 600MHz to 12GHz, the SY-24 system presents two versions catering to different testing needs. This versatility allows the measurement of small and medium-sized Devices Under Test (DUTs) across a wide frequency range.

Application Diversity: Widely utilized in critical domains such as mobile phone terminal antenna research and development, 5G Over-the-Air (OTA) testing, and antenna measurement in scientific research institutions, the SY-24 series has established itself as a go-to choice for comprehensive antenna evaluation.

Mainstream Performance: Renowned as a mainstream antenna measurement system, the SY-24 stands as a testament to precision and reliability in assessing antenna performance. Its widespread adoption underscores its effectiveness and trustworthiness in delivering accurate measurements.

Empowering Active Measurement

Active Measurement, a critical facet of antenna evaluation, involves assessing antennas while they are in operation or transmitting signals. SUNYIELD’s SY-24 Antenna Measurement System serves as a beacon of precision in such scenarios, providing the necessary tools to comprehensively analyze antenna behavior across varying frequencies and applications.


SUNYIELD’s SY-24 Antenna Measurement System stands as an embodiment of precision, versatility, and reliability in the realm of Active Measurement. As an indispensable tool for evaluating antennas across diverse applications, it reinforces SUNYIELD’s commitment to driving technological progress and ensuring the optimal performance of antennas in the ever-evolving landscape of wireless technology.

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