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Enhancing Antenna Testing Efficiency with SUNYIELD’s SY-68 SISO&MIMO System

At SUNYIELD, we understand the importance of near field antenna measurement in ensuring accurate and reliable results for our customers. That’s why we developed the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System, a versatile solution designed to enhance antenna testing efficiency. With its wide frequency band support, secondary development capabilities, and applications in various testing and research institutions, the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System is a valuable asset for companies in need of precise antenna measurements.

Overview of the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System

Our SY-68 SISO&MIMO System is specifically engineered to meet the demands of near field antenna measurement. It supports measurements in the 400MHz-8.5GHz, 600MHz-12GHz, and 400MHz-18GHz frequency bands, providing comprehensive coverage for a wide range of antennas. Furthermore, the system supports secondary development through standard interfaces, allowing our customers to customize and tailor the system to their specific needs.

Wide Frequency Band Support and Secondary Development Capabilities

With the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System, SUNYIELD offers unparalleled frequency band support. This enables our customers to perform near field antenna measurements across various frequency ranges, ensuring accurate and reliable results for antennas of different types and designs. Additionally, the system’s secondary development capabilities allow for further customization and adaptation to specific testing requirements, providing our customers with a flexible and versatile solution.

Application in Various Testing and Research Institutions

SUNYIELD’s SY-68 SISO&MIMO System finds its applications in a wide range of testing and research institutions. From terminal manufacturers to third-party laboratories and base station research and development facilities, our system is trusted by professionals seeking efficient and precise near field antenna measurements. The versatility and reliability of our system make it an ideal choice for companies in need of accurate antenna testing solutions.

Key Features and Benefits of the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System

Our SY-68 SISO&MIMO System offers several key features and benefits that set it apart from other solutions in the market. Firstly, the system utilizes a symmetrical probe distribution, enabling faster measurements. With a simple 180-degree rotation, the object can be measured in 3D, saving time and increasing testing efficiency.

Furthermore, the system provides real-time display capabilities, allowing users to view active and passive directivity diagrams, as well as active power and sensitivity. This feature provides valuable insights into antenna performance, facilitating data-driven decisions and optimizations.

The SY-68 SISO&MIMO System also boasts a powerful function for active and passive measurements of large antennas. It supports passive measurements in the 400MHz-8.5GHz frequency band and can be upgraded to achieve high-frequency passive testing. This makes it suitable for a wide range of antennas, including BTS antennas, ensuring comprehensive testing capabilities for our customers.

Technical Specifications and Options of the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System

SUNYIELD’s SY-68 SISO&MIMO System comes with impressive technical specifications and customizable options. It supports frequency bands ranging from 400MHz to 8.5GHz, 600MHz to 12GHz, and 400MHz to 18GHz. The maximum dimension of the Device Under Test (DUT) depends on the frequency range, accommodating antennas with dimensions up to 1.5m, 2m, or 2.5m.

The probe array diameter ranges from 3.2m to 5m, ensuring precise measurements and accurate data acquisition. The system can handle DUTs weighing up to 50 kg and offers a typical dynamic range of 50-70dB. Additionally, optional anechoic chamber sizes are available, including 5.0*5.0*5.0m, 6.0*6.0*6.0m, and 7.0*7.0*7.0m, providing users with a controlled testing environment.

To further enhance the accuracy and versatility of the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System, SUNYIELD offers multi-axis turntable options. Whether it’s a five-axis turntable or a two-axis turntable, our customers can choose the configuration that best suits their needs, ensuring precise positioning and measurements.


SUNYIELD’s SY-68 SISO&MIMO System is a game-changer in near field antenna measurement. With its versatile capabilities, wide frequency band support, and secondary development options, our system empowers companies to achieve efficient and accurate antenna testing. The key features and benefits, along with the technical specifications and customizable options, make the SY-68 SISO&MIMO System a reliable choice for professionals in various testing and research institutions. Trust SUNYIELD for your near field antenna measurement needs and experience the difference in performance and reliability.

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