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Enhance Millimeter-Wave Radar Testing with SUNYIELD’s SY-Radar Vehicle-Mounted Measurement System

SUNYIELD Technologies, a pioneer in near-fieldmeasurement technology, offers advanced solutions for accurate and rapid antenna and wireless connectivity testing. Among our comprehensive range of products, the SY-Radar vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar measurement system stands out. This compact system is specifically designed to test and calibrate the relevant indicators of 60/77/79 GHz vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar. In this article, we explore SUNYIELD’s advantages, the capabilities of the SY-Radar system, and its impact on millimeter-wave radar testing.

SUNYIELD’s Competitive Edge in Antenna Measurement Technology

Early Market Entry: As the earliest company in China to research near-field multi-probe antenna measurement technology, SUNYIELD has a significant advantage in terms of expertise and experience.

Accurate and Rapid Testing: SUNYIELD’s commitment to accurate and rapid testing extends to their millimeter-wave radar measurement systems. The SY-Radar system delivers precise measurements and calibration while maintaining a compact size.

SY-Radar System: Enabling Comprehensive Millimeter-Wave Radar Testing

Wide Frequency Band Coverage: The SY-Radar system supports high-frequency bands (60/77/79 GHz), ensuring compatibility with various vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar systems.

Target Range and Amplitude Measurement: This system enables the measurement and calibration of target range and target amplitude, allowing for accurate evaluation of radar performance.

Relative Angle Calculation: The SY-Radar system calculates the relative angle based on the target distance position, facilitating the measurement and calibration of target angles.

Advantages of SUNYIELD’s Antenna Measurement Solutions

High Precision Measurement: SUNYIELD’s antenna measurement systems, including the SY-Radar, employ precise positioning and data acquisition techniques to deliver accurate results, essential for reliable radar testing.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities: The SY-Radar system is equipped with sophisticated analysis tools that enable in-depth evaluation and characterization of millimeter-wave radar performance.

Flexible Test Configurations: SUNYIELD’s systems offer flexible test configurations, allowing easy adaptation to different antenna types and testing scenarios. This versatility ensures that the SY-Radar system can cater to diverse millimeter-wave radar applications.

User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Testing Experience

Intuitive Control and Monitoring: SUNYIELD prioritizes user experience with an intuitive interface that provides easy control and monitoring of the measurement process. This feature streamlines operations and enhances productivity.

Customization Capabilities: The SY-Radar system allows for customization of the measurement process, empowering users to tailor the testing experience to their specific requirements.


SUNYIELD Technologies, with their expertise in near-field multi-probe antenna measurement technology, offers advanced solutions for accurate and rapid antenna testing. The SY-Radar vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar measurement system exemplifies their commitment to delivering precise and efficient testing capabilities. With its wide frequency band coverage, target range and amplitude measurement, and relative angle calculation features, the SY-Radar system empowers users to evaluate and calibrate millimeter-wave radar systems effectively. Combined with SUNYIELD’s high precision measurement, advanced analysis capabilities, and user-friendly interface, businesses can rely on the SY-Radar system to enhance their millimeter-wave radar testing processes and drive technological advancements.

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