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Congratulations to Sunyield for once again obtaining the certification of the National Military Standard Management System

On May 17, 2023, Sunyield successfully passed the audit again and was awarded the certification of the Weapon Equipment Quality Management System (GJB 9001B-2009 standard). During this certification process, close cooperation between various departments of the company demonstrated Sunyield’s spirit of unity and innovation, which was deeply recognized and affirmed by audit experts. This demonstrated Sunyield’s strong comprehensive strength and solid foundation for achieving strategic upgrading.

Since obtaining the GJB 9001B-2009 standard certification for the first time in 2016, Sunyield has been striving to do a good job in quality management and provide high-quality technical services to global customers. At the same time, it also hopes to establish a high quality management benchmark for domestic and foreign enterprises through this certification, and jointly promote technological progress and industry development

The significance of implementing the national military standard quality management system certification

1. The implementation of the national military standard quality system certification is conducive to the provision of products with stable quality by enterprises and the protection of national security interests;

2. The implementation of the national military standard quality system certification can provide effective methods for improving the quality operation and assurance capabilities of enterprises;

3. The implementation of the national military standard quality system certification is beneficial for enterprises to explore the military product market and provide qualified products and services to enterprises or troops;

4. The implementation of the national military standard quality system certification is conducive to the continuous improvement of enterprise management and the continuous satisfaction of customer needs and expectations.

About Sunyield

Sunyield was founded in 2011 and is the earliest company in China to conduct research on near-field multi probe measurement system technology. For many years, it has been focusing on technological innovation in the field of antenna measurement, serving most antenna manufacturers in China, and is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer in the industry. In the future, Sunyield will continue to provide high-quality services to customers, continuously promote technological and management innovation, continuously explore and innovate, win the market, and improve its own level. Looking forward to a better tomorrow at Sunyield!


Recommended Products


    The SY-CATR series are a variety of compact range measurement systems released by Sunvey Technologies for application in the millimeter wave detection field. As the millimeter wave radar features wide frequency band and small size, the SYCR series of different sizes can set up excellent experimental environment for millimeter-wave radar testing and design. Mainly used for testing automotive radars and their components, millimeter wave military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas (millimeter wave reflector antennas, 5G millimeter wave communication antennas)


    The SY-68 probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system supports measurements in the 400MHz-8.5GHz, 600MHz-12GHz,400MHz~18GHz frequency bands, and supports secondary development of standard interfaces. Compared to the standard SY-24 system, it supports a larger measurement range (with a diameter of up to 2.5m), higher sampling density, active and passive measurements, and can also measure small base station antennas. It is suitable for testing and research institutions such as terminal manufacturers, third-party laboratories, and base station research and development.

  • SCR-5000

    Sunyield SCR-5000 cylindrical measurement system, the first linear array multi-probe cylindrical measurement system in the industry, innovatively integrates spherical multi-probe technology into the cylinder surface to ensure test accuracy while significantly saving space and cost. The system adopts multi-probe calibration technology and electronic solid-state switch to quickly collect data to measure the 3D pattern of the antenna, and at the same time expand S-parameter information such as standing wave and isolation according to user requirements. According to the characteristics of cylindrical system, this system is particularly suitable for the measurement of base station antennas with narrow vertical beam.
    In general, the measurement of 3D pattern can be achieved with the cost of a chamber for PIM or standing wave, and the system is especially suitable for prototype diagnostic testing in R&D and batch sampling in production.

  • Mini-Chamber

    Small mobile antenna measurement system , with shielding room, flexible and mobile, decrease the cost of chamber to move. Support frequency band between 650 MHz ~8.5GHz, suitable for small diameter (36 cm) antenna measurement, is widely used in mobile phone manufacturers, research and development, the production line of small antenna consistency validation, etc.

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