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(SY-180)Solution for Measuring Base Station Antennas of COMBA

COMBA TELECOM SYSTEMS LIMITED has signed a SY-180 antenna testing system contract with our company, equipped with 179+1 high-performance probes and a 4-axis high-precision turntable system to meet the installation, position adjustment, and testing needs of the tested object. The turntable adopts fully automatic electrical control mode and is equipped with a control handwheel to achieve on-site motion control. The turntable bears a weight of 120kg.

External dimensions(L×W×H)12m (L) ×12m (W) ×12m (H)
Frequency bands400MHz-6GHz
Max. Dimension of DUT3.5m
Main testing functionsMainly focusing on passive performance testing, including but not limited to 3D pattern, gain, efficiency, half power lobe width, cross polarization discrimination, phase center, upper hemisphere efficiency, front to back ratio, etc. In the future, the active testing function can be upgraded according to customer needs and agreements
Physical image of SY-180
Physical image of SY-180

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