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Unveiling the Precision of Near-Field Testing: Exploring SUNYIELD’s SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System

In the realm of antenna evaluation, Near-Field Testing stands as a cornerstone, offering a nuanced understanding of antenna performance across a spectrum of frequencies. Let’s embark on a journey to decipher the essence of Near-Field Testing, understand its significance, and unveil the groundbreaking capabilities of SUNYIELD‘s SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System.

Decoding Near-Field Testing

Near-Field Testing involves assessing antennas in close proximity, focusing on the immediate surroundings to measure and evaluate their radiation patterns, gain, and other vital parameters. Unlike Far-Field Testing, which assesses antennas at a distance, Near-Field Testing captures intricate details of antenna behavior in their near surroundings. It enables a meticulous analysis of antenna performance across frequencies, offering invaluable insights crucial for optimal functionality.

The Essence of SUNYIELD’s SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System

Introducing the SCR-5000 cylindrical near-field antenna measurement system from SUNYIELD Technologies—an epitome of innovation and precision in antenna evaluation:

Broad Frequency Support: The SCR-5000 spans a frequency range from 690MHz to 8.5GHz, catering to a diverse spectrum of antennas across various communication standards. Its comprehensive frequency coverage ensures versatility in testing.

Quiet Zone Precision: With a quiet zone measurement range of 3 meters in diameter, the SCR-5000 creates a controlled testing environment, enabling precise measurements of 3D antenna patterns and directivity. This feature ensures accurate results essential for antenna optimization.

Innovative Design for Efficiency: SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 is specifically engineered for cylinder near-field tests, offering unparalleled accuracy while minimizing space requirements and cost. Its innovative design streamlines testing processes, providing both space and cost savings without compromising precision.

Space and Cost Efficiency: By optimizing testing methodologies and equipment, the SCR-5000 redefines efficiency in antenna evaluation. It enables space-saving setups and reduces testing costs, making it an ideal solution for diverse industries seeking accurate and cost-effective antenna measurement systems.

Empowering Antenna Evaluation with SCR-5000

The SCR-5000 Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System, which is manufactured by SUNYIELD Technologies, is a representative example of innovation, precision, and efficiency. Because of its capacity to deliver comprehensive data on antenna behavior inside a controlled near-field environment, it is an invaluable instrument for optimizing antenna performance across a wide range of communication protocols.


In conclusion, SUNYIELD’s SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System revolutionizes Near-Field Testing by offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The novel design and extensive capabilities of this device have the potential to redefine the norms of antenna evaluation, thereby making a significant contribution to the evolution of wireless communication technology.

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