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Unlocking the Essence of Directivity Measurement in Antennas

Directivity measurement of antenna stands as the cornerstone of antenna technology, offering a precise understanding of an antenna’s ability to concentrate signals in specific directions. Across various industries reliant on seamless communication, directivity measurement of antennas plays an indispensable role in optimizing signal transmission and reception. Understanding, evaluating, and optimizing directivity in antennas are critical aspects that pave the way for enhanced communication reliability and quality. By focusing on the efficiency of signal transmission and reception, directivity measurement becomes instrumental in fields like telecommunications, aerospace, and beyond. And we SUNYIELD could deliver you the best solution!

Introducing SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 Series: Revolutionizing Antenna Measurement

SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 series redefines the landscape of antenna measurement technology by elevating the standards of directivity measurement. Pioneering linear array multi-probe technology, this series ingeniously integrates advancements in spherical multi-probe systems onto the cylinder’s surface. This innovation ensures unparalleled test accuracy while significantly economizing space and costs—a true game-changer in the industry.

This series, tailored to cater specifically to measuring base station antennas with narrow vertical beams, maximizes efficiency without compromising accuracy. Its cylindrical system characteristics offer a specialized solution for precise measurements in this domain, making it a fundamental tool for engineers and researchers seeking to optimize directivity in antenna design.

Delving into the SCR-5000‘s Capabilities

SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 series stands as a technological marvel, addressing the complexities of antenna testing and directivity measurement with finesse. Here’s a closer look at its advanced capabilities:

Frequency Range and Quiet Zone: Supporting frequencies from 690MHz to 8.5GHz, the SCR-5000 series ensures comprehensive coverage across a wide spectrum of applications. With a generous quiet zone measurement range of 3 meters in diameter, this system guarantees pristine testing conditions, minimizing external interference for highly accurate measurements.

Cylindrical Near-Field Testing: Tailored specifically for cylinder near-field tests, the SCR-5000 series specializes in assessing antennas in scenarios where cylindrical measurements are crucial. Its proficiency in this domain makes it a go-to solution for industries seeking precise measurements and analysis for antennas with specific design characteristics.

3D Antenna Pattern Analysis: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the SCR-5000 series unlocks detailed insights into 3D antenna patterns. This capability allows engineers and researchers to visualize and understand how antennas radiate signals in different directions, enabling targeted optimizations for enhanced performance.

Space and Cost Savings: SUNYIELD’s innovative approach isn’t just about technological prowess; it’s about practicality too. The SCR-5000 series offers significant space and cost savings without compromising on accuracy. Compared to traditional testing methods, this system optimizes resources while delivering reliable and precise results.

Multi-Probe Calibration and Expanded S-parameters: The integration of multi-probe calibration technology and electronic solid-state switch enhances the system’s measurement capabilities. It enables expanded S-parameter measurements, including standing wave and isolation, catering to diverse user requirements and providing a comprehensive analysis of antenna behavior.

Efficiency through Over-sampling Technology: The SCR-5000 series utilizes a multi-probe structure that is slidable, enabling Z-axis over-sampling for larger antenna measurements. This innovative approach ensures enhanced accuracy and detailed measurement data, contributing to thorough antenna characterization.


In conclusion, the importance of directivity measurement in antennas cannot be overstated. SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 series, with its pioneering technology and specialized capabilities, emerges as a transformative force, reshaping the landscape of antenna measurement and optimization. Stay tuned for further exploration into the intricacies of directivity measurement and a comprehensive overview of how SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 series is at the forefront of redefining antenna technology.

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