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Unlocking Technological Frontiers with SUNYIELD’s Wireless Connectivity Tests

At SUNYIELD, we take pride in being at the forefront of technological innovation in antenna measurement. With our cutting-edge measurement systems spanning spherical near-field, planar/cylindrical near-field, and compact field, we are equipped to meet the diverse passive and active measurement requirements of both military and civilian antennas including wireless connectivity test. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a rich history of innovation, has positioned us as an industry leader in the realm of antenna testing.

Leading the Charge in Near-Field Multi-Probe Technology

Established in 2011, Shenzhen SUNYIELD Technologies Co., Ltd stands as the earliest company in China to delve into the research of near-field multi-probe antenna measurement technology. This pioneering spirit has allowed us to provide precise and rapid antenna and wireless connectivity testing. Over the years, we have focused on continuous technology innovation and market development, catering to the needs of numerous antenna manufacturers in China. Our ultimate goal is to solidify our position as a leading manufacturer in the international market.

Mission: Driving Innovation and Profits

Our mission at SUNYIELD is twofold – to bring innovation to science and technology while simultaneously driving profits for our enterprise. Central to this mission is our unwavering commitment to our customers. We prioritize trust, commitment, and service, ensuring that our clients receive professional and top-notch services in antenna measurement, OTA testing, and wireless connectivity tests. By upholding these principles, we aim to deliver the highest quality service to our valued customers.

Revolutionizing Antenna Measurement with Advanced Technology

SUNYIELD’s antenna measurement systems harness the power of advanced multi-probe technology to achieve fast and accurate measurements. We offer valuable and cost-effective solutions for antenna measurement, OTA testing, and wireless connectivity tests. Our expertise extends to various sectors, including Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense. Whether you are looking for precise measurements for civilian applications or demanding military antenna testing, SUNYIELD has the solutions to meet your specific needs.


In conclusion, SUNYIELD is your trusted partner in unlocking technological frontiers. With a rich history of pioneering research and a commitment to innovation, we stand ready to provide unparalleled services in antenna measurement and wireless connectivity tests. By choosing SUNYIELD, you are not just investing in a solution; you are investing in a legacy of excellence that drives technology forward. Join us on the journey to elevate your testing capabilities and redefine what’s possible in the world of wireless connectivity.

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