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Revolutionizing OTA Testing: Discover the Advantages of SUNYIELD’s RF Chamber

In the fast-paced world of intelligent terminal product manufacturing, efficient and accurate testing is crucial. Shenzhen SUNYIELD Technologies Co., Ltd, a leading Chinese company specializing in antenna testing and RF measurement, has introduced an innovative RF Chamber that is set to revolutionize Over-the-Air (OTA) testing and audio measurement in mass production. In this article, we will explore the features, functions, and advantages of SUNYIELD’s cutting-edge RF Chamber, designed to meet the specific needs of manufacturers.

Rapid OTA Testing with Multi-Probe Distribution Technology:

SUNYIELD’s RF Chamber incorporates multi-probe distribution technology, eliminating the need for turntable rotation during testing. Instead, the electrical switch of the probe takes over, significantly improving testing efficiency. This advancement allows manufacturers to conduct OTA testing swiftly and accurately, ensuring optimal performance of intelligent terminal products.

Comprehensive Audio Measurement Capabilities:

The SUNYIELD RF Chamber offers extensive audio frequency measurement and analysis capabilities. It supports the evaluation of various audio components, including speakers, microphones (such as electret and silicon microphones), telephones, headphones (wired, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, ANC, etc.), hearing aids, and communication devices. Whether you’re testing speech communication devices, intelligent wearables, USB or WiFi music products, or power amplifier products, the RF Chamber provides precise audio measurements to meet your requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution with Space-Saving Design:

SUNYIELD’s RF Chamber, known as the BST-AudioRF-LB, offers a cost-effective and space-saving solution for OTA shielding room testing. Its flexible design optimizes space utilization while delivering reliable performance. By streamlining the testing process, manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings without compromising on quality.

Enhanced Efficiency with One-to-Many Testing:

The RF Chamber supports multi-antenna testing (up to 1 to 4) in non-signaling mode, enabling simultaneous testing of multiple devices. This one-to-many testing capability drastically improves test efficiency, reducing production time and costs. Manufacturers can now achieve higher throughput without sacrificing accuracy.

Customizable Test Platform for Diverse Terminal Sizes:

SUNYIELD understands that manufacturers deal with a wide range of intelligent terminal sizes, from earphones and watches to mobile phones and tablets. The RF Chamber offers excellent adaptability, allowing customization according to specific user requirements. Whether it’s a small-sized earphone or a large flat lamp, the test platform can be tailored to accommodate various terminal sizes, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage.

Strong Compatibility with Leading Instruments:

SUNYIELD’s RF Chamber is designed to seamlessly integrate with compatible mainstream instruments, including R&S, Keysight, Anritsu, Litepoint, and StarPoint. This compatibility ensures a smooth testing experience, leveraging the capabilities of industry-leading instruments for accurate and reliable results.


With its commitment to technological innovation and customer satisfaction, SUNYIELD Technologies has introduced an exceptional RF Chamber that redefines OTA testing and audio measurement in intelligent terminal product manufacturing. By harnessing the power of multi-probe distribution technology, comprehensive audio measurement capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and customization options, SUNYIELD empowers manufacturers to achieve superior testing efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Embrace the future of OTA testing with SUNYIELD’s RF Chamber and experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology in your production process.

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