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Revolutionizing Antenna Measurement with SUNYIELD’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

At SUNYIELD, we are revolutionizing the field of antenna measurement system with our cutting-edge solutions. We understand the critical importance of accurate and efficient antenna evaluation in the fast-paced world of wireless communication. With our comprehensive range of antenna measurement solutions, we provide our customers with advanced technology and innovative products to meet their diverse needs.

Overview of SUNYIELD’s Comprehensive Range of Antenna Measurement Solutions

SUNYIELD offers a wide range of antenna measurement solutions that are designed to deliver precise and reliable measurements. Our portfolio includes:

SY-CATR: Compact Range Measurement Systems for Millimeter Wave Detection

Our SY-CATR antenna measurement system is specifically designed for millimeter wave detection. It offers accurate measurements in a compact setup, making it ideal for space-constrained environments. With the SY-CATR system, our customers can efficiently and reliably test millimeter wave antennas, ensuring the performance and quality of their devices.

SY-68 SISO&MIMO: Spherical Near-Field Measurement System with Extended Measurement Range

The SY-68 SISO&MIMO antenna measurement system is a spherical near-field solution that provides an extended measurement range. This system enables our customers to evaluate the performance of their antennas with high precision and flexibility. With the SY-68 SISO&MIMO, our customers can optimize their antenna designs and achieve superior wireless communication performance.

SCR-5000: Cylindrical Measurement System for Accurate 3D Pattern Measurement

Our SCR-5000 cylindrical measurement system is designed to provide accurate 3D pattern measurement of antennas. It allows our customers to analyze the radiation characteristics of their antennas with exceptional precision. The SCR-5000 system ensures that our customers can validate their antenna designs and achieve enhanced wireless communication performance.

Advanced Test Solutions for Antenna Evaluation

In addition to our antenna measurement systems, we offer a range of advanced test solutions that further optimize the antenna evaluation process for our customers.

Mini Chamber: Small Mobile Antenna Measurement System for Flexible and Cost-Effective Testing

Our Mini Chamber is a small mobile antenna measurement system that offers flexibility and convenience. It is designed for testing antennas in various environments, enabling our customers to perform measurements on the go. With the Mini Chamber, our customers can efficiently evaluate their antennas and make informed design decisions.

SY-24: Standard Antenna Measurement System for Precise Measurements

The SY-24 is our standard antenna measurement system, specifically designed for precise measurements. It provides accurate results and supports a wide range of antenna types. With the SY-24, our customers can ensure the performance and reliability of their antennas, meeting the demands of their target markets.

Micro Chamber: Fast OTA Testing Solution for Mass Production Stage

For customers in the mass production stage, our Micro Chamber offers a fast over-the-air (OTA) testing solution. This system allows for rapid and efficient testing of antennas, ensuring high throughput and quality control. With the Micro Chamber, our customers can accelerate their production processes while maintaining the performance standards of their antennas.

Specialized Tools for Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

At SUNYIELD, we understand that precision is crucial in antenna measurement. That’s why we offer specialized tools that further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the testing process.

High Precision Four-Axis Turntable for Precise Antenna Measurement

Our high precision four-axis turntable is specifically designed to provide precise antenna measurement. With its advanced rotational capabilities, it allows for accurate positioning and alignment of antennas during testing. The high precision four-axis turntable ensures that our customers obtain reliable and consistent measurement results, enabling them to optimize their antenna performance.

SY-IWM: Whole Vehicle Measurement System for Indoor Full-Size, Full Band Vehicle Antenna Measurement

For indoor full-size, full band vehicle antenna measurement, our SY-IWM whole vehicle measurement system is the ideal solution. It enables our customers to evaluate the performance of vehicle antennas in an indoor, controlled environment. With the SY-IWM, our customers can ensure optimal wireless communication performance in their vehicles.

SY-OAR: Outdoor Low-Cost Testing Solution for Entire Car for Comprehensive Wireless Communication Test

The SY-OAR outdoor low-cost testing solution is specifically designed for comprehensive wireless communication testing of entire vehicles. It offers an efficient and cost-effective way to evaluate the performance of vehicle antennas in real-world conditions. With the SY-OAR, our customers can validate the wireless communication capabilities of their vehicles, ensuring reliable connectivity.


In conclusion, SUNYIELD’s innovative antenna measurement solutions, advanced test solutions, and specialized tools empower our customers to streamline their antenna testing processes, optimize antenna performance, and deliver superior wireless communication solutions. With our cutting-edge solutions, our customers can confidently evaluate their antennas, make informed design decisions, and ensure the performance and reliability of their wireless communication systems.

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