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Revolutionize Antenna Measurement with SUNYIELD’s SY-CATR Compact Range System

SUNYIELD Technologies presents the SY-CATR series, a compact range antenna measurement system designed to revolutionize millimeter-wave detection. SUNYIELD‘s SY-CATR system offers flexible and accurate testing options for a wide array of applications. In this article, we will delve into the introduction, applications, and strengths of SUNYIELD’s SY-CATR compact range system, showcasing its ability to enhance antenna measurement processes for automotive radars, millimeter wave military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas.

Product Introduction: SY-CATR Compact Range System

Frequency Bands: The SY-CATR series supports frequencies ranging from 2 GHz up to 200 GHz, enabling comprehensive testing and evaluation of millimeter-wave antennas across various applications.

Space-Saving Design: Utilizing an integral curling surface with a root mean square (RMS) roughness of less than 20 μm, SUNYIELD’s compact range system offers space-saving advantages over conventional saw-tooth reflectors. This design ensures optimal utilization of testing environments without compromising measurement accuracy.

Active and Passive Testing: The SY-CATR system enables both active and passive testing scenarios. By creating an elliptical quiet zone within a specified longitudinal distance, this system facilitates comprehensive measurements using network analyzers or spectrum analyzers along with corresponding spread spectrum components.

Applications of SY-CATR Compact Range Syste

Automotive Radars: The SY-CATR compact range system provides a reliable solution for testing automotive radars. It enables accurate measurements of active and passive directional maps, active and passive gain, and cross-polarization discrimination rate. These capabilities are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and safety in automotive radar systems.

Millimeter Wave Military/Police Radar Products: SUNYIELD’s SY-CATR system caters to the unique testing needs of millimeter wave military and police radar products. It allows for precise evaluation of various mobile standard communication formats, radar target simulation, and RCS testing direction maps. These capabilities contribute to the development and optimization of advanced radar technologies.

Civilian Millimeter Wave Antennas: The SY-CATR compact range system proves invaluable for testing civilian millimeter wave antennas, including reflector antennas and 5G communication antennas. It enables accurate characterization of antenna performance, including active and passive directional maps, gain measurements, and cross-polarization discrimination rate. These measurements are vital for ensuring reliable and efficient communication in advanced wireless networks.

Strengths of SY-CATR Compact Range System

Precise Measurement Capability: SUNYIELD’s SY-CATR system offers a quiet zone amplitude taper of ≤±1 dB and amplitude fluctuation of ≤±1 dB, ensuring precise measurement results. Additionally, the quiet zone phase ripple is ≤±5° (<18 GHz), further enhancing measurement accuracy.

Flexible Test Configurations: The SY-CATR system is equipped with a multi-dimensional bearing turntable, allowing for customizable test tooling and electric auxiliary shafts to meet specific user requirements. This flexibility enhances the adaptability of the system and ensures compatibility with diverse testing setups.

User-Friendly Deployment: The compact range system features a movable base, simplifying placement and deployment within testing facilities. This user-friendly design enhances operational efficiency and accommodates evolving testing needs.


SUNYIELD’s SY-CATR compact range system is a game-changer in antenna measurement, offering businesses precise and flexible testing options for millimeter-wave applications.

With its wide frequency range, space-saving design, and support for both active and passive testing, the SY-CATR system proves indispensable for automotive radars, millimeter wave military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas.

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