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Revolutionize Antenna Gain Measurement with SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber

Accurate antenna gain measurement is crucial for optimizing wireless communication performance. SUNYIELD presents the AudioRF Chamber, a cutting-edge solution that combines OTA testing and audio measurement capabilities. Designed for the mass production stage of intelligent terminal products, this versatile chamber offers numerous advantages, including rapid OTA testing, comprehensive audio measurement, cost-effectiveness, one-to-many testing, excellent adaptability, and strong compatibility. In this article, we explore SUNYIELD’s advantages and the applications of our AudioRF Chamber in antenna gain measurement.

Rapid OTA Testing: Enhancing Efficiency with Multi-Probe Distribution

Multi-Probe Distribution: SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber utilizes multi-probe distribution technology, eliminating the need for turntable rotation during OTA testing. This innovative approach significantly improves test efficiency, allowing for rapid and streamlined antenna gain measurements.

Mass Production Stage: The chamber is specifically designed for the mass production stage of intelligent terminal products, enabling businesses to achieve efficient and reliable testing while maintaining production timelines.

Comprehensive Audio Measurement: Unleashing Audio Performance Insights

Speaker and Microphone Analysis: SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber supports audio frequency measurement and analysis of speakers, microphones (electret, silicon microphone, etc.), telephones, and mobile phones. This comprehensive audio measurement capability allows businesses to evaluate and optimize audio performance with precision.

Headphones and Wearable Devices: The chamber is compatible with various types of headphones (wired, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, ANC, etc.) and intelligent wearable devices. It enables thorough testing and analysis of audio quality, ensuring exceptional user experiences.

Cost-Effectiveness: Flexible and Space-Saving OTA Shielding Room Test System

BST-AudioRF-LB Solution: SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber, specifically the BST-AudioRF-LB system, serves as a cost-effective OTA shielding room test system. It offers flexibility, cost-efficiency, and space-saving benefits, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and affordable antenna gain measurement solutions.

Optimal Resource Utilization: The cost-effectiveness of the AudioRF Chamber allows businesses to allocate resources efficiently, maximizing return on investment while maintaining high testing standards.

One-to-Many Test Capability: High Efficiency in Non-Signaling Mode

Multi-Antenna Testing: The AudioRF Chamber supports one-to-many tests, enabling the simultaneous testing of multiple antennas (up to 1 to 4) in non-signaling mode. This capability significantly enhances testing efficiency, reducing overall testing time in antenna gain measurement.

Streamlined Production Processes: The one-to-many test capability ensures that businesses can conduct comprehensive antenna gain measurements efficiently, improving productivity and streamlining production processes.

Excellent Adaptability: Tailored Test Platforms for Diverse Terminal Sizes

Customizable Test Platforms: SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber offers excellent adaptability, allowing the test platform to be customized according to user requirements. It can accommodate different sizes of terminals, including earphones, watches, audio devices, mobile phones, and tablets, ensuring comprehensive antenna gain measurement for a wide range of products.

Scalable Solutions: The chamber’s adaptability enables businesses to scale their testing capabilities as our product portfolios evolve, providing a future-proof solution for antenna gain measurement.

Strong Compatibility: Seamless Integration with Mainstream Instruments

Compatibility with Leading Brands: SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber is designed to support mainstream instruments such as R&S, Keysight, Anritsu, Litepoint, and StarPoint. This strong compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing test equipment and workflows, facilitating a smooth transition and minimizing disruption during antenna gain measurement.


SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber revolutionizes antenna gain measurement by combining OTA testing and comprehensive audio measurement capabilities. With its rapid OTA testing, versatile audio measurement features, cost-effectiveness, one-to-many test capability, excellent adaptability, and strong compatibility, the AudioRF Chamber empowers businesses to optimize wireless communication performance. Whether in the mass production stage of intelligent terminal products or in fields such as acoustic research, audio equipment testing, and audio product development, SUNYIELD’s AudioRF Chamber delivers exceptional results, ensuring reliable and high-performing antennas.

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