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Maximizing Antenna Efficiency with the SUNYIELD SCR-5000 Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System

Antenna performance evaluation plays a crucial role in optimizing wireless communication systems. SUNYIELD Technologies has introduced the state-of-the-art SCR-5000 cylindrical near-field antenna measurement system to revolutionize directivity measurement of antennas and enhance antenna efficiency. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the SCR-5000, shedding light on its significance in maximizing antenna performance.

Unveiling the SCR-5000 Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System

The SCR-5000 boasts an impressive frequency range of 690MHz to 8.5GHz, enabling comprehensive measurement capabilities across a wide range of communication standards. With a generous quiet zone measurement range of 3 meters in diameter, this system provides ample space for accurate testing and evaluation of antennas.

Advanced Linear Array Multi-Probe Technology

Setting new industry standards, SUNYIELD’s SCR-5000 is the first cylindrical measurement system to incorporate linear array multi-probe technology. By integrating spherical multi-probe technology into the cylinder surface, this innovative design ensures precise test accuracy while optimizing space utilization and reducing costs.

Empowering Directivity Measurement with Powerful Functions

The SCR-5000 incorporates multi-probe calibration technology and an electronic solid-state switch, facilitating 3D antenna pattern measurement. Additionally, it offers S-parameter expansion capabilities, including standing wave and isolation, based on user requirements. This comprehensive functionality enables accurate directivity measurement and evaluation of antenna performance.

Tailored for Base Station Antennas 

The SCR-5000 is particularly well-suited for measuring base station antennas with narrow vertical beams. Its unique characteristics and multi-probe design ensure efficient and precise testing, making it an ideal solution for evaluating the performance of these crucial components.

Advantages of the SCR-5000 Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System

1. Enhanced Test Speed: The SCR-5000’s multi-probe design and convenient horizontal mounting of the Device Under Test (DUT) enable test efficiency comparable to spherical multi-probe systems. This translates to faster evaluation of antenna directivity and reduced overall testing time.

2. Cost-Effective Solution: In comparison to traditional spherical near-field systems, the SCR-5000 cylindrical near-field test system offers significant space and cost-saving advantages without compromising test accuracy. It provides a cost-effective alternative for businesses seeking accurate antenna performance evaluation.

3. Over-Sampling Technology: The SCR-5000 features a multi-probe structure that can be slid to facilitate Z-axis over-sampling for larger antenna measurements. This advanced over-sampling technology ensures precise and detailed characterization of antennas, delivering accurate directivity measurement results.


The SUNYIELD SCR-5000 Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System represents a significant advancement in directivity measurement of antennas, offering a wide frequency range, expansive quiet zone, and advanced multi-probe calibration technology. By embracing the SCR-5000, businesses can maximize antenna efficiency and optimize wireless communication systems. SUNYIELD’s commitment to innovation ensures that the SCR-5000 provides reliable and efficient measurement capabilities for base station antennas, R&D prototype testing, and production batch sampling. Unlock the full potential of directivity measurement and elevate antenna performance with the SCR-5000.

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