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Enhancing Antenna Measurement with SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room: Unveiling Functions and Advantages

Ensuring accurate and reliable antenna performance is crucial for mobile phone manufacturers, research and development teams, and production lines. SUNYIELD Technologies presents their innovative Mini-Chamber RF Shielded Room, specifically designed for antenna measurement within the frequency range of 650MHz-8.5GHz/650MHz-12GHz/650MHz-18GHz. This portable and versatile solution offers a cost-effective approach to small antenna designs, providing consistent and validated results. In this article, we will explore the functions and advantages of SUNYIELD‘s RF Shielded Room, highlighting how it can benefit businesses in the industry.

The Power of SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room

Faster Measurement: SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room utilizes symmetrical probe distribution, enabling comprehensive 3D measurements with just a 180-degree horizontal rotation. This innovative approach significantly speeds up the measurement process, saving valuable time and resources.

Real-time Display: The RF Shielded Room allows for real-time viewing of active and passive directivity diagrams, as well as active power and sensitivity. This feature provides immediate feedback on antenna performance, allowing for quick adjustments and optimizations.

Powerful Functionality: The system supports active measurements in various models, including 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth, within the frequency range of 650MHz-8.5GHz/650MHz-12GHz/650MHz-18GHz. It also supports passive measurements within the same frequency band. Additionally, through software and hardware upgrades, it can achieve high-frequency passive testing in the 400 MHz to 18 GHz range.

Advantages of SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room

Cost-effective Solution: SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room offers a cost-effective alternative for small antenna designs. By reducing the cost of the chamber’s mobility, businesses can save on expenses while still ensuring accurate and reliable antenna measurements. This advantage is particularly beneficial for companies with limited budgets or frequent testing requirements.

Versatile and Portable: With its compact size (36 cm diameter), the RF Shielded Room is highly versatile and portable. Its mobility allows for easy integration into different testing environments, such as research and development labs and production lines. The compact design ensures efficient use of space without compromising measurement accuracy.

Strong Compatibility: SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room is compatible with common network analyzers and general-purpose testers from renowned companies like Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, and LitePoint. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into existing testing setups, leveraging established equipment investments and minimizing disruptions.

Smooth Upgrade Path: The system offers a smooth upgrade path for expanded functionality. Through software and hardware upgrades, businesses can unlock additional capabilities, such as LTE-CA measurement. This scalability ensures long-term usability and adaptability to evolving testing requirements.


SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room brings efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness to antenna measurement. With its innovative functions, including faster measurements, real-time display, and powerful capabilities, businesses can optimize antenna performance and ensure consistency throughout the production process. The advantages of cost-effectiveness, versatility, strong compatibility, and smooth upgrade options further solidify SUNYIELD’s RF Shielded Room as a valuable asset for mobile phone manufacturers, research and development teams, and production lines.

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