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Enhancing Antenna Directivity Measurement with SUNYIELD SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System 

At SUNYIELD, we are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System, a pioneer in the Plane/Cylinder Near Field category. Specifically designed for directivity measurement of antenna, the SCR-5000 series redefines the standards in 3D antenna patterns and cylinder near-field tests. Join us on a journey of innovation, space savings, and cost-effectiveness.

Industry’s First Linear Array Multi-Probe System

The SCR-5000 series proudly stands as the industry’s first linear array multi-probe cylindrical measurement system. By ingeniously integrating spherical multi-probe technology into the cylinder surface, we’ve crafted a solution that ensures unparalleled test accuracy while significantly saving space and cost. This groundbreaking approach sets a new benchmark in antenna measurement technology.

Innovative Multi-Probe Calibration Technology

The system adopts advanced multi-probe calibration technology and an electronic solid-state switch for 3D antenna pattern measurement. Additionally, it expands S-parameter information, such as standing wave and isolation, according to user requirements. This level of innovation ensures comprehensive and detailed insights into antenna performance.

Tailored for Base Station Antennas

The SCR-5000 series is particularly suitable for measuring base station antennas with narrow vertical beams. Leveraging the characteristics of the cylindrical system, it excels in capturing the nuances of antennas with specific directional characteristics, making it an ideal choice for applications in telecommunications infrastructure.

Advantages That Redefine Antenna Testing

Experience the advantages that redefine antenna testing with the SCR-5000 series. The multi-probe design enables fast test speeds, comparable to spherical multi-probe systems, while maintaining the convenience and efficiency of horizontally mounting the Device Under Test (DUT). This design choice ensures optimal test efficiency without compromising accuracy.

Over-Sampling Technology for Larger Antennas

The multi-probe structure of the SCR-5000 series is equipped with over-sampling technology, allowing for Z-axis over-sampling. This feature enhances the measurement capabilities for larger antennas, ensuring accurate and detailed 3D patterns.

Versatile Applications in R&D and Production

In general, the SCR-5000 series enables the measurement of 3D patterns with the cost efficiency of a chamber designed for PIM or standing wave. The system is especially suitable for prototype diagnostic testing in Research and Development (R&D) and batch sampling in production, providing a versatile solution for various testing scenarios.


In conclusion, the SUNYIELD SCR Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System redefines antenna testing with innovation, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Choose SUNYIELD for a testing solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, ensuring your antennas undergo precise and reliable directivity measurement. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of antenna measurement technology, delivering solutions that empower your testing endeavors and elevate your standards.

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