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Enhance Antenna Gain Measurements with SUNYIELD’s SY-68 SISO&MIMO Antenna Measurement System

Accurate antenna gain measurement is essential for optimizing wireless communication performance. SUNYIELD presents the SY-68 SISO&MIMO Antenna Measurement System, a versatile solution that supports a wide frequency range and offers advanced measurement capabilities. Designed for terminal manufacturers, third-party laboratories, and base station research and development, this system provides faster measurements, real-time display features, and powerful functionality. In this article, we explore SUNYIELD’s advantages and the applications of the SY-68 Antenna Measurement System in antenna gain measurement.

Faster Measurement: Complete 3D Measurements with Symmetrical Probe Distribution

Symmetrical Probe Distribution: The SY-68 Antenna Measurement System utilizes symmetrical probe distribution, enabling complete 3D measurements with a 180-degree horizontal rotation. This innovative approach accelerates measurement processes, allowing for faster and more efficient antenna gain measurements.

Extensive Measurement Range: With a choice of three OTA chamber dimensions, the system supports a larger static area measurement range and higher sampling density. This versatility ensures compatibility with various antenna sizes, including small base station antennas.

Real-Time Display: Visualize Directivity and Power Parameters Instantly

Active and Passive Directivity Diagrams: The SY-68 System enables real-time viewing of active and passive directivity diagrams. This feature provides immediate visualization of antenna performance, allowing engineers to analyze and optimize gain patterns effectively.

Active Power and Sensitivity: Real-time display capabilities extend to active power and sensitivity parameters. Engineers can monitor these parameters during measurements, facilitating on-the-spot analysis and adjustment of antenna configurations.

Powerful Functionality: Support for Active and Passive Measurements

Passive Measurement Support: The SY-68 System supports passive measurements  in the 400MHz-8.5GHz, 600MHz-12GHz, and 400MHz-18GHz frequency. Through upgrading, it can achieve high-frequency passive testing, expanding the system’s capabilities for comprehensive antenna gain measurement.

Large Antenna Measurements: The system excels in active and passive measurements of large antennas, including BTS antennas. Its powerful functionality enables accurate and detailed characterization of these antennas, contributing to improved wireless communication performance.

Customizable and Flexible: Tailored Solutions for Specific Requirements

Secondary Development Support: SUNYIELD’s SY-68 System allows for secondary development through standard interfaces. This feature enables customization to specific measurement needs, ensuring that businesses can tailor the system to their unique antenna gain measurement requirements.

Choice of OTA Chamber Dimensions: The system offers three options for OTA chamber dimensions, providing flexibility to accommodate different antenna sizes and testing environments. This customization capability enhances the system’s adaptability to various measurement scenarios.


SUNYIELD’s SY-68 SISO&MIMO Antenna Measurement System is a powerful solution for accurate and efficient antenna gain measurements. With its faster measurement capabilities, real-time display features, and powerful functionality, the SY-68 System empowers terminal manufacturers, third-party laboratories, and base station research and development teams to optimize wireless communication performance. Whether conducting passive or active measurements, this customizable system offers versatility, accuracy, and flexibility. By leveraging SUNYIELD’s SY-68 System, businesses can achieve precise antenna gain measurements and make informed decisions to enhance the performance of their wireless communication systems.

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