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Directivity Measurement of Antennas: The SUNYIELD SCR-5000 Cylindrical Antenna Measurement System

In the field of antenna technology, directivity is a critical parameter that defines how effectively an antenna can transmit or receive radio waves in specific directions. Directivity measurement of antenna is crucial for ensuring optimal performance in various applications. We, at SUNYIELD, have developed the SCR-5000 cylindrical near-field antenna measurement system to address this need, providing a cost-effective and innovative solution for both prototype and production testing.

Technical Specifications

The SCR-5000 system covers a frequency range of 690MHz to 8.5GHz, making it suitable for a wide range of antenna types and applications. It offers a quiet zone measurement range of 3 meters in diameter, ensuring accurate and repeatable results. The system’s unique design integrates multi-probe calibration technology and an electronic solid-state switch, enabling 3D antenna pattern measurement and expansion of S-parameter information such as standing wave and isolation based on user requirements.

Advantages and Features

The SCR-5000’s multi-probe design significantly improves test speed, as the DUT (Device Under Test) can be horizontally mounted, facilitating efficient testing. This design offers a test efficiency comparable to that of a spherical multi-probe system while providing cost savings through space optimization. The system’s over-sampling technology further enhances measurement accuracy by enabling Z-axis over-sampling for larger antennas.


In summary, the SUNYIELD SCR-5000 cylindrical near-field antenna measurement system offers a comprehensive solution for directivity measurement of antennas. Its unique design, frequency range, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for antenna test laboratories, R&D departments, and manufacturers who require accurate and efficient measurement of antenna directivity.

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