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(SY-IWM)The Vehicle Measurement Solution for the Western Branch of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology

The China Academy of Information and Communications (China Academy of Telecommunications, abbreviated as China Academy of Information and Communications), formerly known as the Posts and Telecommunications Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (founded in 1957), was officially established in 1994 and is now a research institution directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is the most important supporting unit in the field of information and communication (ICT) and the main supporting unit in the comprehensive policy field of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The vehicle testing system built by Chongqing Tai’er Laboratory of the Western Branch of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology has passed acceptance and is running well.

The whole vehicle measurement system SY-IWM is a solution designed by Sunyield for indoor full size, full frequency band automotive antenna measurement in automotive manufacturing, automotive antenna manufacturing, and automotive testing institutions. The vehicle testing system can provide testing solutions such as single probe, multi probe, single probe, and multi probe, while ensuring the testing speed of commonly used frequency bands and expanding the testing frequency band.

SY-IWM is suitable for vehicle antenna testing, vehicle radiation performance testing, and supports DVB/Wireless Communication/GNSS. It can also support millimeter wave testing through hardware equipment selection, such as vehicle radar testing. The 360 ° rotation of the car mounted turntable can achieve a comprehensive detection of the radiation performance of the upper hemisphere of the car related antenna. Upgradable car turntable lifting control function, achieving precise adjustment of car position.

External dimensions(L×W×H)75*35*35m
Frequency bands400MHz-6GHz
Max. Dimension of DUT6m
Turntable motion accuracy0.1°
Main testing functionsTest automation and analysis display of vehicle antenna. Mainly focusing on passive performance testing, including but not limited to 3D pattern, gain, efficiency, half power lobe width, cross polarization discrimination, phase center, upper hemisphere efficiency, front to back ratio, etc. In the future, the active testing function can be upgraded according to customer needs and agreements

Physical image of SY-IWM

Physical image of SY-IWM

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