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(SPR-3000&far field)Suzhou Bohai Microsystems Co., Ltd

Suzhou Bohai Pioneering Micro System Co., Ltd., located on the shore of the beautiful the Taihu Lake Lake, was founded in 2008. It is a limited liability company initiated and established by North General Electronics Group, affiliated to China North Industries Group Corporation, on the basis of introducing many overseas talents.

At present, the company focuses on the military applications of microwaves and millimeter waves as its main market, and has undertaken multiple national key military research projects such as new products, type spectra, pre research, and nuclear high technology; And through cooperation, provide spaceborne microwave network products for aerospace engineering; Simultaneously focusing on and developing the application fields of Beidou GPS navigation antenna and RFID industry, the company focuses on the design, research and development, and production of microwave and millimeter wave integrated devices and components based on low-temperature ceramic co firing technology (LTCC), which is significantly superior to its peers in terms of LTCC design concept and innovation ability; Advantages in the processing of LTCC large darkroom size boards.

The chip devices and microwave and millimeter wave components developed by the company based on LTCC technology have reached international standards and are in a leading position in China. The spaceborne microwave network product developed based on LTCC technology has achieved its first application in the world aerospace field.

The flat near-field antenna testing system and far-field antenna testing system of Suzhou Bohai Entrepreneurship are provided by our company, and the project has been accepted and delivered for testing.

ModelFlat scanning systemFar field antenna testing system
size2.5m * 2.5m * 2.5m45m * 23m * 20m
Frequency band6GHz-42.1GHz200MHz-40GHz
Main testing functionsConsistency calibration of planar array antennasRadar maximum pointing calibration such as far-field pattern, consistency calibration of planar array antennas, gain, efficiency, etc

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