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Non-signaling Test


The non signaling test of mobile phones, tablets, stereos, Bluetooth headsets, etc. refers to the RF test of the tested object without signaling interaction between the tested object and the test instrument (analog base station, such as N9020A/IQ). The reason for its appearance is that the increase of frequency bands and formats that the tested object needs to support now leads to the long test time of a single tested object in production testing, which affects the output of the tested object. When testing under signaling, the time for registration and calling of the tested object is relatively long, but it is inevitable. Therefore, non signaling testing occurs. That is to say, the non signaling test of the tested object is mainly aimed at meeting the production requirements.Generally, taking the dual band GSM mobile phone as an example, compared with the signaling mode, non signaling can save about 50% of the test time, that is, the output of the same number of test equipment will double. The non signaling test is especially applicable to the production line test in the mass production stage.

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