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Planar field testing: precision evaluation of phased array antenna performance

Accurate performance evaluation is crucial in the design and manufacturing of phased array antennas. Planar field testing is a widely used testing method, and this article will introduce its advantages and the Planar field testing solutions we provide.

1. High precision measurement: Planar field testing provides a highly accurate measurement environment that can accurately evaluate the performance of phased array antennas. This helps detect and address potential performance issues, ensuring that the antenna meets design requirements.

2. Comprehensive performance evaluation: Planar field testing can be used to evaluate various aspects of phased array antennas, including radiation pattern, gain, beamwidth, phase performance, etc. This makes comprehensive performance evaluation possible, which helps improve and optimize antenna design.

3. Laboratory testing: Planar field testing is usually conducted in an indoor testing laboratory and does not require a large amount of open space. This is very useful for testing in a limited environment.

4. High efficiency and repeatability: Planar field testing can usually be automated, improving testing efficiency and reducing human error in testing. This also makes the testing process more repeatable.

Planar field testing is an efficient and comprehensive phased array antenna testing method with advantages such as high accuracy, flexibility, and repeatability. It can be applied in various application fields, helping to ensure the reliability and consistency of antenna performance. Our solution will help you accurately evaluate the performance of the antenna and ensure its outstanding performance in various application fields. Please feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries. We look forward to providing you with excellent planar field testing support.

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