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Compact field+spherical field: perfect combination of phased array antenna testing

In the development of phased array antenna technology, compact field and spherical field testing have become a powerful combination. The combination of these two testing methods can meet a wider range of phased array antenna measurement needs, and this article will delve into the advantages of this comprehensive solution.

Compact range calibration and testing have become standard practices in the field of phased array antennas, The spherical near-field and compact field comprehensive testing darkroom includes a spherical near-field testing system and a compact field testing system, mainly used for phased array antenna calibration and radiation characteristic parameter testing, while also compatible with the radiation characteristic parameter testing of other antennas, such as parabolic antennas, flat antennas, etc.

The testing system consists of a compact field calibration area and a spherical field fast testing area. Compact field enables rapid calibration of phased array antennas. Spherical near-field enables rapid testing of various types of antennas.

1. Comprehensiveness: This testing system has the concept of miniaturization and versatility. While improving the testing efficiency, quality, and reducing testing costs of phased array antennas, it fully considers the integration with digital antenna production lines, and can efficiently and high-quality complete the measurement of phased array antennas and other antennas.

2. Efficient space utilization: By using an L-shaped microwave hybrid anechoic chamber, the spherical near-field testing multi probe ring and the reflection surface and feed turntable used for compact field testing can be divided into two areas at both ends of the L-shaped anechoic chamber, forming absorption physical isolation. Then, through the translation of the turntable, the two testing fields can share the same testing turntable. Due to the design of the L-shaped darkroom, it can provide more flexibility, allowing the space inside the darkroom to be more effectively utilized. Compared to rectangular darkrooms, L-shaped darkrooms can more easily adapt to different types and scales of measurement equipment.

3. Highly automated testing process: In an L-shaped darkroom, a convenient transfer path can be designed to facilitate the transfer of the tested equipment between two testing sites.

4. Greater scalability: Due to the layout characteristics of L-shaped darkrooms, when system upgrades or new measurement equipment are required, L-shaped darkrooms are more scalable than rectangular darkrooms. It can be expanded or modified more flexibly without affecting existing measuring equipment.

Compact range calibration and testing solutions are crucial for enhancing the performance of phased array The The integrated testing scheme of compact field and spherical field is an excellent choice for improving the performance of phased array antennas. Whether your application field is communication, military, or satellite communication, this comprehensive solution will ensure that your antenna performance reaches the optimal state. Please feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries. We look forward to providing you with excellent compression field and spherical field testing support.

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