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In March 2017, Comba Telecom has chosen the testing system and solutions developed by Sunyield Technologies over its former French supplier. After profound accumulation in the field of antenna testing, Sunyield Technologies has won favor and recognition of the world’s leading antenna supplier and system integrator in the field of global communications.


Product application


In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies has signed a contract with Shenzhen ANTOP Technology Co., Ltd. about the newly-launched SY-32 antenna measurement system for radio and TV industry.新益技术研发的汽车车载天线测试方案得到业界认可。


Research & Development


In May 2017, Sunyield Technologies has launched the world’s first ZigBee overall test plan, which can be applied to SPR-650 production line OTA rapid test system, SY series spherical near field measurement systems.


Employee activity


In March 11, 2017, Sunyield Technologies staff participated in outdoor activities with the Sino-US general interest group.Sunyield news, please do not reprieprint.Sunyield news, please do not reprint.Sunyield news, please do not reprint.


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