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Sunyield Ungraded Existing European System to Support NB-IoT Testing

In April 2018, Sunyield Technologies completed the upgrade of an existing antenna measurement system manufactured by an European supplier. In the past, domestic customers has no choice but to buy imported measurement system. At present, Sunyield Technologies is able to supply antenna measurement system with world class technology and provides better products

Wise Choice: Toppoint Technology signed for a Sunyield System

After thorough inspection, Toppoint Technology abandoned the low price proposal of existing supplier and chose Sunyield Technologies in consideration of acceptance guarantee. In December 2017, Toppoint Technology signed a contract with Sunyield Technologies for the construction of the SY-24 antenna measurement system. Sunyield Technologies will carefully communicate with customer, strictly

CETC54 Signed for Sunyield’s Large Antenna Measurement System

In December 2017, the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC54) signed a contract with Sunyield Technologies for a large antenna measurement system. It is the seventh antenna measurement system with more than 128 probes to be constructed by Sunyield Technologies, and the CETC54 has become the third

Shenzhen University Signed Contract for Sunyield SY-16/16M System

In November 2017, Shenzhen University formally signed a contract with Sunyield Technologies for a high-quality measurement system to further enhance its R & D capability in the antenna related field.

Innetech Accepted Two Sets of Sunyield System

  In September 2017, the two sets of SY-16 antenna measurement system supplied by Sunyield Technologies for Innetech Xi’an and Shanghai have passed the acceptance test. As an important cooperative partner of Sunyield Technologies over the years, Innetech Electronics is very satisfied with the technology, product and service of Sunyield.

Sunyield SY-32 Antenna Measurement System Successfully Passed the Final Acceptance Test

In September 2017, the SY-32 antenna measurement system supplied by Sunyield Technologies has successfully passed the final acceptance test by ANTOP with regard to such parameters as product quality, performance, and test items etc., and the entire acceptance process is carried out in a very smooth fashion. With customer-focus service

Sunyield participated in the 2017 Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Week

The 2017 Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Week was successfully held on Oct. 16-19, 2017 in Xi’an, China. The 2017 National Conference on Antenna (NCANT), the Sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation (APCAP 2017), and the Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Conference (APEMC) were held in parallel during the 2017 Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Week. As a leading enterprise in domestic

Sunyield Technologies and China Unicom jointly established an open lab for IoT applications

In August 2017, the China Unicom Open Lab for Internet of Things co-built by Sunyield Technologies and China Unicom was founded in Guangzhou. Mr. Huang Xiaoming, leader of the lab will lead the team to carry out R&D on wireless network and Internet of Things applications. The SY-16M OTA measurement

ZHONGTIAN XUN Signed Contract for SY-24 System Supporting NB-IoT and eMTC

Shenzhen ZHONGTIAN XUN Communication Technology Shares Co., Ltd. has recently signed a purchase contract with Sunyield Technologies for the SY-24 antenna measurement system, the first Sunyield system supporting the NB-IoT and eMTC test standards. Sunyield Technologies would like express sincere appreciation for ZHONGTIAN XUN’s trust and support, and will set

Sunyield Technologies Launched Free Trial of Millimeter Wave Testing Lab

The Sunyield millimeter wave compact range SYCR series have attracted wide attention ever since release in 2016. In order to feedback the industry for their long time trust and support, Sunyield has launched a free trial of the millimeter wave testing lab from August to October 2017. You are welcome